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William Shatner Starts Sci-Fi 'MyOuterSpace' Social Network

Nothing about William Shatner has ever been exactly subtle. But with one nonchalant tweet last week, the Shat quietly entered into the social networking foray by announcing the creation of his very own site.

Shatner's oh-so-originally-named is geared toward not just Trekkies, but to creative sci-fi aficionados of all shapes and sizes. A self-proclaimed "Sci-Fi Social Network for those with a passion for the arts," MyOuterSpace, in theory, will give everyday users the chance to actually work on developing very real science fiction productions. And, in the unlikely event that you ever forget what it's all about, there's a helpful, intergalactic metaphor there to remind you -- again, and again.

As Geekosystem reports, the entire platform is divided into 12 categories -- six "starships" and six "planets." Each planet represents a subsector of the entertainment industry, (designers, writers, or game developers), while each of the six starships represents some grand creative project currently underway. If one of the members of the administrative "Counsel" select you to become a "crew member" under one of the "Starship Captains," you get the opportunity to prove your chops on a real production. It's not clear exactly how the six projects starships are determined, but all signs, not surprisingly, point to Shatner as the ultimate greenlighting authority.

So will Shatner's idea actually "take off?" Once you peel back all the metaphors, it actually seems like a pretty cool American Idol-style hybrid of LinkedIn and sci-fi geekdom. It'll definitely take some time to find its groove, if it ever does; but with Shatner at the helm, we're pretty excited to see more stuff like this coming down the pipeline soon. [From:, via: Geekosystem]

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