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'Can't You See I'm Busy' Game Cleverly Disguises Your Procrastination

In the never-ending battle against work productivity, time wasters are our greatest ally. Getting caught playing games instead of that spreadsheet we were supposed to be working on, however, is never fun. Can't You See I'm Busy! has thankfully come to the rescue of sneaky procrastinators everywhere, with a suite of flash games cleverly designed to look like Word documents and Excel spreadsheets.

The site currently features three games. Breakdown is a Breakout clone, Leadership plays like Lunar Lander and Cost Cutter is a bare bones puzzle game that won't tax your work-addled mind. You can even add your company's name so it's displayed in the header as you play, and in case your boss shows up unexpectedly to borrow your stapler, you can hit the space bar to have the gaming elements disappear.

While none of the games are any more engaging than Freecell or Spider Solitaire, the idea is a good one, if not totally original. 1987's classic PC adventure game Leisure Suit Larry (NSFW if your workplace is averse to a little pixelated cleavage) featured a "boss key" that would bring up a phony (and not very convincing) graph at the push of a button. Can't You See I'm Busy's games at least look the part of a Windows 95 era productivity suite and just might fool a passersby.

In case you need a little motivation to get back to work, however, Can't You See I'm Busy features a "cost calculator," displaying the average amount of money lost to the world economy due to lazy office gamers using the site. [From: Can't You See I'm Busy!]

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