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Drinking From Virtual Straw Looks Fun, Parching

Ever wanted to drink without really drinking? Well, participants at the International Collegiate Virtual Reality Contest in Japan were recently treated to a seemingly completely bizarre experience: drinking from a virtual straw. Masahiko Inami, founder of Inami Laboratory, developed the straw-like user interface (SUI) as part of a game called 'Conspiratio.' Showcased at the conference, the game asks players to catch virtual animal characters, and gives the winner a virtual drink as a reward.

The interface is controlled with a real straw connected to a speaker, pressure sensor, valve, servomotor and solenoid motor. By altering the pressure and vibration in the straw, the system gives users the sensation of sucking liquid while showing them images of their diminishing virtual beverages. We're not entirely sure what potential this kind of tech has, but it's undoubtedly interesting. [From: Designboom]

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