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Couple Creates 8-Bit Game for Wedding Invite

Every bride and groom wants their wedding to be unique and memorable. For gamers and nerds the world over, a soon-to-be married couple just might have set a new bar that will never be risen above. According to Offbeat Bride, Darina and her groom Niko ditched traditional paper wedding invitations, instead opting for a playable video game called "Darina and Niko's Incredible Adventure."

The couple created an 8-bit game starring themselves and sent the elaborate package (it includes custom art) to everybody on their guest list. Here's the best part: In order to get the lowdown on what's sure to be the world's geekiest wedding, you actually have to complete this retro-styled video game. To begin, select the bride or groom as a character. After a brief back story and a rundown of the basic controls, you're ready to play through a sidescrolling game that is clearly inspired by the original 'Super Mario Bros.' Darina hops over a bunch of guys in blue robes that carry swords and even confronts a large ape, who kidnaps her hubby-to-be at the last second (check out clips from the game after the break). Fortunately, anyone can play Darina and Niko's game by downloading it here; you won't even have to buy them a wedding gift. [From: Offbeat Bride, via: Boing Boing]

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