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Wi-Fi 'Finders' Helping Thieves Locate and Steal Laptops

We don't recommend leaving your laptop in the car for any reason, but, if you must, make sure you turn off the Wi-Fi signal first. According to Network World, thieves are using devices meant to locate Wi-Fi networks to detect laptops and steal them. Apparently, just closing the screen won't prevent your laptop from being detected, either. Wi- Fi disconnection must be done manually, as it can take as long as a half-hour for a laptop to go into sleep mode.

The Wi-Fi "finders" that crooks use are often cheap and easily accessible. For less than $20, a start-up thief can purchase a ballpoint pen with a built-in Wi-Fi detector. Of course, the cheaper models aren't as accurate when locating the signals. (Using one in a full parking lot would be akin to searching for a needle in a haystack.) But for $50, you could purchase this Wi-Fi finder (pictured), which makes finding a laptop stuffed in the trunk of a car easy as pie.

What's our advice? Keep those laptops close at hand and make sure you only turn on the Wi-Fi signal when you'll be using it. [From: Network World]

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