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ATM Thief Deposits USB Evidence in His Gullet

Degenerate crooks can make a dubious, yet highly profitable, living through the use of ATM card skimmers. Officials routinely dismantle thievery operations that generate millions of dollars in plunder. According to the Smoking Gun, New York authorities recently arrested several suspects in relation to such a skimmer ring, and -- under federal questioning -- one man pulled a boneheaded and reckless stunt in an effort to hide apparently incriminating evidence.

Florin Necula, who has been named in conjunction with several other suspects for various felonies, has also been charged with obstruction of justice after he visibly swallowed a flash drive storage device. Secret Service agents were interrogating Necula when he ingested the gadget, which then remained in the suspect's system for four days before authorities were forced to literally take invasive action.

Kingston, the device's manufacturer, expressed dismay at how digestion could affect the drive, since the company -- predictably -- has "no experience with someone swallowing a USB." The surgeons assigned to the case probably weren't too excited about cutting open a moron in search of a disgusting drive, but the operation couldn't possibly have been as detestable as certain other gadget search-and-rescue operations. [From: The Smoking Gun]

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