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Oxygenated Ale Promises All of the Drunk, None of the Hangover

Have a Drink, Skip the Hangover with Oxygenated Ale
Where would we be without hangovers? Aspirin sales would be lower, worker productivity on Monday mornings would be higher, and the cinematic masterpiece 'The Hangover' would be a predictable documentary about a bachelor party in Vegas. This, dear readers, is the future if extra-oxygenated Korean booze catches on worldwide.

It's the result of research by Kwang-il Kwon and Hye Gwang Jeong at Chungnam National University. In Korea, oxygen-infused alcohol is quite popular, much as soda with carbon dioxide is stateside. The scientists found that, while the inebriation caused by these beverages is just as strong as plain old beer, people who drink oxygenated alcohol recover more quickly and, most importantly, suffer far less severe hangovers.

Although we're a bit leery of these results, seeing as the study is already being used as part of an advertising campaign from the Korean Sunyang Co -- we're still willing to recreate this experiment ourselves. For the sake of science, naturally. [From: Wiley InterScience, via: io9]

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