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Old NES Game Found in Basement Sells For $41,300 on eBay

After reading about the $13K goldmine a mother found while cleaning the basement, a man known only as Dave from Kansas embarked upon his own 8-bit treasure hunt. According to Yahoo! Games, Dave found what he was looking for: 'Stadium Events,' a simple track-and-field game from Bandai that Nintendo recalled in 1988. Collectors suspect only about 20 copies remain today, and Dave posted his copy of the game on eBay, fetching a cool $41,300.

Dave scoured the family's collection of 180-plus NES games, that were slated to be dumped to Goodwill in a month. Among the collection, he found the game in its original shrink-wrapping and with its original price tag of $29.99. Dave never opened the game because the floor-mat controller that went along with it wasn't available the day he bought it. "We never got around to returning the game... lucky us!," he told Y! Games.

Lucky is discovering there's another slice of pizza left in the box or finding $5 in your pocket while doing laundry. Stumbling upon a video game that's worth more than many make in a year weeks before it's slated to be donated to charity; that's more like divine intervention. [From: Yahoo! Games, via: CNET News]

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