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Gamers Beware! PlayStation Catastrophe Still Plaguing PS3s

What's Going On?

The geek meltdown that began last night continues unabated this evening as Sony plods through its PlayStation quagmire, largely due to 2010 being mislabeled as a leap year. The ordeal started when clocks rolled over to March 1st and older (non-PS3 Slim) PlayStation owners began experiencing a myriad of bizarre and unfixable problems, including blocked access to the PlayStation Network, corrupted trophy data, and an inability to launch certain games and videos.

How to Handle the PS3 Situation:

While the official source of the fiasco remains a mystery, Sony believes "that this problem is being caused by a bug in the clock functionality incorporated in the system," which may be linked to faulty leap year programming. The company also contends that the problem is isolated to older models, though apparently not all, and has recommended that owners of anything other than the slim consoles keep their PS3s turned off.

Millions of frenzied gamers are undoubtedly fiending for some online action right now, but Sony said that it does hope to have everything resolved within 24-hours. (That's little consolation to the devoted consumers who spent hundreds of dollars for their consoles and routinely pay more than $50 for individual games. Some free swag from the PSN store as recompense, maybe?)

End in Sight?

Despite Sony's 24-hour claim, the problem may actually fix itself at midnight GMT tonight, so to at least help pass the time (if you appreciate intense geek-freakouts), the PS3 message boards are abundant with quality tech meme humor, including the obvious Skynet and late-Y2K jokes.

Update: No official word from Sony yet, but we're seeing reports from Joystiq (and on Twitter and Facebook) that PS3s are back up and running. Stay tuned for more. [From: Engadget]

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