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Commercial Jet Pack Finally Real, Retails for $75K

At possible risk to the user's health, many a geek's dream is finally coming true. According to the Daily Mail, the world's first commercial jet pack will hit the market this year. Costing a cool $75,000, the jet pack is much more than the usual DIY projects we've told you about. That's right; it's not just a rocket strapped to your back!

The unnamed machine will be manufactured by Martin Aircraft Company at a rate of about 500 each year. To take flight, it uses a dual-fan propulsion system instead of a jet engine, but still manages to burn about 10 gallons of gas per hour, meaning that flight time is limited to about 30 minutes. On the plus side, the jet pack meets FAA Ultralight Regulations, weighing about 250 pounds and able to carry a 280-pound person to speeds as high as 60-mph. That FAA qualification means you won't need a pilot's license to operate it; after completing Martin's training program (and waiting for your check to clear), you can take to the skies.

Don't worry, there are safety precautions. The jet pack has an internal roll cage, and a parachute that works at low altitudes (although, the jet pack has flown as high as 7,800-feet in tests). While it sounds safe, or as safe as a jet pack can be, we'll stick to more traditional modes of transportation. Flying is for the birds. [From: Daily Mail, via: Huffington Post]

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