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Top 5 Comedians Who Tweet (and 5 Who Should)

It's a happy coincidence that Twitter's 140-character limit happens to be the perfect format for dishing one-liners, wry observations, and, of course, those always satisfying X-rated tirades. Thus, it's an ideal way for comedians to try out new material and broaden their fan bases, and a never-ending source of free content for comedy fans -- a win-win for everyone. To share the wealth with our readers, we've pulled together the five best comic tweeters we follow, and another five who we hope will get their acts together and get online.

Funnymen (and Women) We're Following Now

Sarah Silverman

The notoriously (and proudly) raunchy stand-up comedienne and star of her self-titled Comedy Central show puts out a consistent stream of quality, laugh-out-loud-inducing tweets. Silverman's quips range from off-color observational humor ("You never hear the success stories involving autoerotic asphyxiation. #unsungheroes") to cutting social commentary ("All girls with fake boobs have dogs named after either liquor or cars."). Then, there's also the occasional disarming personal revelation: "I'm pretty sure that people who romanticize sadness have not known sadness. I know... it's not a competition." Her place as the comedy fan's ideal girlfriend is cemented.

Jim Gaffigan

The quintessential Midwestern comic and food fetishist (and surefire hall-of famer for "Pale Force" alone) is heavy into sarcastic photon gags, but also dishes his trademark self-effacing jokes: "The blender I never use: The health club membership of kitchen appliances." Then, there are his social observations: "The Hummer limo is really the douche bag chariot." And, there are copious junk food-based riffs: "Pizza Hut: 'Is the pizza good?' 'Good? They make it in a hut!' 'Um I think I'll just eat at Radio Shack thanks.'" Often, he thoughtfully plays with a topic over multiple posts, showing comedy fans how a pro puts jokes together.

Neal Brennan

There were a few tumultuous years over which Dave Chappelle went from relatively familiar face to household name, and, then, just as quickly, fled fame to become a reclusive genius. When Chappelle walked away from his show at its peak, few people took notice of the other genius behind the scenes: Dave's skinny, white, head writer Neal Brennan. His tweets reveal the origin of the show's darker, more acerbic bits: "Looks like that movie 'Old Dogs' is about Seth Green getting raped/eaten by a gorilla while Travolta and RWilliams watch. I bought 100 tix." Others belie a clear-eyed view of the way Hollywood works: "Oprah's 1st question when she interviews Sarah Palin, 'Why do u think people like us even though we're clearly both huge assholes? You 1st'" He's so funny that we'll even forgive his apparent obsession with 'Jersey Shore': "Snooki at the tanning salon: "Hey Jerk-off, make me look like a coal miner."

Rainn Wilson

Though more a comedic actor than a stand-up comic, Wilson still keeps up with the best of them and his tweets explain why he's the standout comic force on 'The Office.' His tweets often have the mock-stern voice of Dwight Schrute behind them: "Want to tackle childhood obesity? Start with Fat Albert. You're welcome, America."; "You know what the biggest cause of inner city crime is? Malarkey. Too much malarkey and shenanigans." His tweets also venture into the playfully politically incorrect: "Apologies 2 the blind who were offended by my last tweet. The Blind Side is actually abt the dangers of highway driving & rear view mirrors." And, of course, he's not afraid to be obscene -- in a good way: "It's so beautiful here today it's like angels are jizzing all over the face of Los Angeles."

Weird Al Yankovic

Once exiled to the comedy ghettos along with gimmick artists like Gallagher or Carrot Top, the patron saint of nerdcore comedy has finally gotten the respect he deserves for his three-plus decades of unparalleled musical parody. His tweets reveal why: Weird Al is a sweetheart but still has a wicked sense of humor. Gracefully predicting his recent Grammy loss to Colbert, he quipped: "Wow, this is so exciting - in just three days I'll be losing a Grammy to Stephen Colbert!" He's not above taking the piss out of the Governator's puzzlingly still-impenetrable accent: "I can't wait to see this "Abidah" movie Schwarzenegger was talking about on the Golden Globes." And he loves skewering pop-cultural dross, too: "Hey, @BillGates, you seeing this??? RT @ashleytisdale: went grocery shopping and now cleaning the house!!!!" Without fail, Al's tweets demonstrate his keen eye for finding the ridiculous in our culture.

Funnymen We'd Follow Anywhere (If We Could)

Dave Chappelle

If you ask us (and millions of like-minded fans), there's simply not enough Chappelle in the world these days. After his very public walkout on 'Chappelle's Show,' and subsequent self-imposed exile, we think it's time for Dave to come in from the cold.

Patton Oswalt

The indie-comic god recently told The Onion that rather than tweeting, he prefers posting to his MySpace page (and deleting all comments). He's also made his Facebook account anonymous in order to keep a little distance from public life. That's well and good, as everyone needs their private time, but Twitter is far less involved than those other sites, and, as one of the quickest wits out there, his absence is deeply felt.

Ricky Gervais

After an abortive attempt at tweeting, Gervais went on the record stating his disdain for the medium, "I'm sure it's fun as a networking device for teenagers but there's something a bit undignified about adults using it. Also I've got the website and I don't have to restrict things to 140 characters." Since then, he's regularly posted 140-character updates to his blog, which is a head-scratcher for us.

Steven Wright

If any comedian can lay claim to inventing the absurdist one-liner, it's Wright. His influence over the entire generation of comics that followed him is lost on many today, so it's time he got online and set the record straight.

Zach Galifianikis

Galifianikis is always unpredictable, a performance artist who seems comfortable doing anything -- whether it be appearing in a Kanye West video, doing subversive lo-fi Vodka ads with Tim and Eric, or stealing the spotlight in 'The Hangover.' We have no idea what his tweets would be like [Edit. note: Probably dead serious], which only makes us want them more.

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