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'Bloom Box' Fuel Cell Offers Power for Your Entire House

Everybody wants efficient, inexpensive, clean energy. But, problem is, nobody seems to know just how to produce it. Now, one man is certain that his new technology will turn this dream into reality.

According to Engadget, K.R. Sridhar, founder of Bloom Energy, unveiled his "Bloom Box" on Sunday's episode of '60 Minutes' (video from the show after the break). With two small blocks, each of which can fit in your hand, you could power an entire American house. The box is a fuel cell that combines oxygen and an energy source (like natural gas or solar rays) to produce clean energy through a chemical reaction. Within the box, there are three thin plates stacked on top of each other, covered with a special "ink" and separated by a cheap metal alloy. Oxygen enters one plate, while the fuel enters another. The two elements meet in the middle plate, creating a chemical reaction that produces electricity.

Companies like Google, Wal-Mart and Fed-Ex are already using large versions of the Bloom Box to power some of their operations, but these units cost between $700,000 and $800,000 each -- not exactly within the average consumer's means. However, Sridhar says that, in five to 10 years, he'll be able to drive down the cost to approximately $3,000 -- affordable enough to make sense for a working household. [From: Engadget]

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