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First Apple Store Wedding Officiated by Mock Steve Jobs

First Apple Store Wedding Officiated by Mock Steve Jobs
Geek weddings are nothing new to the Switched beat. Video game 'Katamari Damacy' inspired one service, and we've seen one set of marriage vows culminate in a groom updating his Facebook relationship status. In 2010, we'll supposedly see the first weddings... in spaaaaace.

Today's tale of geeky nuptials comes to you from that gleaming, subterranean realm known as Manhattan's Fifth Avenue Apple Store. Ya Ting Li and Joshua Li entered the bond of matrimony surrounded by iMacs and iPods, and the ceremony was officiated by Henry Hu, who was dressed in a black turtleneck and jeans. Perhaps the geekiest touch, though, was that the rings were presented, not on a pillow, but tied to a first gen iPod.

We're actually pretty shocked that it took this long for someone to get married in the Temple of Mac. Check out the video below, and take note of the wedding's witnesses, who are simply trying to shop for a new computer in the background. [From: Trashy Yet Classy]

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