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BarBot 2010 Celebrates Cocktail-Making Robots and Booze Lovers

In our humble opinion, the best possible task for a robot to perform would be serving drinks. Yeah, we said it. We don't care if they can help old people, or even if they can cook Ramen noodles. But we would love a robot that could whip up a good cocktail. Apparently, plenty of other folks would, too.

Let us tell you about BarBot 2010. If you're fed up with human bartenders, with all their listening in and 'brown-nosing,' this could be the perfect event for you. As part of Robogames, a massive robot competition held in San Francisco, some enterprising booze and bot lovers have set up a lounge where visitors can get served a cold one by a robot. Sadly, today is the last day of the event, so, unless you're in the Bay area, you're out of luck. But you can take a look at a flickr set of some of the bartending bots. Our favorite is the one that pours glass after glass of a certain Tennessee sipping whiskey that we favor.

If you ask us, this bartending segment of the Robogames is a competition where everybody's a winner. We really mean it, too. Even those who don't walk away with a prize have plenty of ways and means to drown those sorrows. You can't beat that. [From: BarBot2010]

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