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Average Social Networking Gamer in the U.S.? Your Mom.

Who do you think is most likely to send new livestock or crops your way on Farmville? According to GigaOM, your friend's mom (or even your own) is the typical social gamer. A recent survey of the U.S. and U.K. by Info Solutions Group (ISG) showed that the average person who plays games like Farmville, Bejeweled or Mafia Wars is a 43-year-old woman. In the U.S., 55-percent of people who play these games are women, and the average age is 48-years-old. On top of that, 38-percent of these female gamers say they play several times each day. In other words, moms are taking over the basement gaming lairs of their nerdy kids.

This shouldn't be much of a surprise when you consider the number of women who have flocked to Facebook. Besides that, these social networking games appeal to an older crowd because they don't require huge chunks of time and have no complicated equipment to worry about, either.

So, if you're wondering why dinner is so late, you might want to check the computer. If these numbers are accurate, Mom is logging some serious time finding virtual sad, lost sheep. [From: GigaOM]

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