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'Tweeting Tree' Brings Lonely, Depressing House Plant to Life

As Twitter has evolved from a quirky Web fad into an actually accepted and ingrained mode of communication, folks have been steadily creating ingenious new functions for the service. One of the more interesting, and humorous, directions for Twitter has been the movement toward unexpected and unlikely tweeters, like fetuses and inanimate objects.

At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Ericsson recently revealed another new tweeting species: foliage. The Ericsson 'Tweeting Tree' actually tweets based on nearby activity and electromagnetic field disruptions. If someone leaves its presence, the tree tweets about its "loneliness," but if it's engaged by several people, it tweets about how "busy" it has become. It also responds to nearby movements by playing music, speaking, and turning lights on and off.

Ericsson initiated the project because it believes that "anything that can benefit from a connection should have one." That sounds creative, awesome, and hilarious, but can we please keep the tweeting home decor out of the bathroom? [From: Ericsson, via: Textually]

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