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Mom Cleans Out Closet on eBay, Stumbles Upon $13k Gaming Goldmine

When Gary "What You Talkin' 'Bout" Coleman pawned his Nintendo Gamecube gear on eBay, many folks expressed dismay when someone actually purchased the pile of obsolescence for the shocking price of $510. That sum pales in comparison, though, to a recent bid that will undoubtedly send 30-somethings scrambling to their attics and basements in search of forgotten gaming loot.

According to Boing Boing, an unnamed mother listed a classic NES with five original games on eBay, because, as she stated in the product description, "it's time to get rid of things that are no longer being used." Apparently unbeknownst to the woman, one of the games amounts to the Holy Grail of NES collectibles and inspired one huge Nintendo nerd to bid $13,000 for the assortment. The game, 'Stadium Events,' was originally marketed for the Family Fun Fitness pad (the precursor to the Nintendo Power Pad), and was only temporarily available in the United States.

Geeky and rare tech collectibles, like the gold iPhone and the authentic still-in-the-box Apple II, routinely fetch lofty bids on eBay, so start rummaging through those dusty Nintendo leftovers. If you do happen to unearth a 'Summer Events' treasure horde, just make sure you spell everything correctly. [From: Boing Boing]

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