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Windows Update to Ancient Bug Causing Blue Screen of Death

XP Update Causing BSOD For Some

has had more than its fair share of problems with Windows updates. All too often, tiny updates and bug fixes result in unintended consequences of near catastrophic proportions.

The latest "fix" is bad -- so bad, in fact, it'll make you long for the days when all that Windows updates did was quietly disable your anti-virus software. It seems that one Windows XP update, which apparently addresses an ancient bug from the Windows 3.1 days, is causing many computers to BSOD or enter an endless cycle of reboots.

An enterprising user has found a fix that involves booting from the Windows XP installation disk, and uninstalling the hotfixes manually. Still, it's worth noting that many current XP users have netbooks, which lack optical drives and often ship without an installation CD.

Microsoft has apparently pulled the update responsible for the issue, but the damage has already been done. Microsoft strongly urges users to turn on automatic updates, but, if the company doesn't thoroughly test patches before rolling them out, users may switch off that option, ironically enough, out of fear for their PCs. [From: Computer World, via: Engadget]

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