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'True Lore' Social Network Brings Out Your Inner Werewolf

In these days of hyper connectivity, when networking is everything, it seems that even Dracula needs Facebook. And if not the Count himself, then certainly maladjusted teenagers and adults who like to think that they are creatures of the night.

True Lore
is a social network for "members and practitioners of the lost arts." These lost arts include vampirism, werewolf-ism and possibly Swamp Thing-ism. While most of us use Facebook to stalk ex-girlfriends and loved ones and post inappropriate photos that will render us unhireable at all but the worst jobs, users of True Lore come together to talk about their vampiric transformations, psychic powers, and how awesome it is to be a werewolf. User profiles are similar to Facebook's, with friend comments, information updates, and personal info. Of course ,rather than noting which high school they attended, users can give more accurate backgrounds, such as being "one of the few remaining Guardians," who "protected the realm of magic from the realm of human stupidity for centuries."

True Lore, however, is only for those who actually possess and believe in these powers: for those who do not, the True Lore creators have also set up a social network for Larpers (Live Action Roleplayers) called Role Pages. While we don't advocate the use of escapism and fantasy to deal with the banal problems of life, we have to admit that we wish we had the lycanthropic self-delusion to think of ourselves as bloggers by day and werewolves (or better yet, Teen Wolves) by night. [From Geekosystem]

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