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Norwegian Men in Scuba Gear Chase Google Street View Car

Digging up hilarious, candid shots captured on Google Street View has quickly become one of our favorite online pastimes. But as much as we love watching an unsuspecting weirdo suddenly become digitally immortalized for all the world to see, a couple of dudes in Norway may have just orchestrated the greatest Google Maps hoax ever.

As BoingBoing reports, photos recently captured by Google's Street View car show very clear pictures of a couple of guys dressed in full scuba gear, chasing after the car with what appears to be a pitchfork. Why scuba? No one knows. But we don't care. This is unequivocally bodacious. A reporter from Dagbladet in Norway tracked down these scuba saboteurs, and, if we understand the poor translation correctly, Borre Erstadt and Paul Age Olsen waited over an hour for the Google car to pass them after hearing that it would be cruising around their neighborhood last July. It seems like they chilled in lawn chairs to pass the time (evidence here), which sort of makes the whole thing even more amazing. As it turns out, they made it on to Google's recently unveiled Norwegian Street View.

Scuba Suits on Street View

The two say that they were just doing it for giggles, and have been surprised by the viral feedback the stunt has garnered thus far. More importantly, Erstadt insists that it wasn't a publicity stunt, either, saying that "most people understand that this is a joke." We understand. And we think we're in love. [From: Dagbladet and GoogleMaps, via: BoingBoing]

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