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Your Choice of Search Engine Says a Lot About You

What does your search engine say about you? Well, if you believe a new study from a group of marketing agencies, it says a lot. A group that included Wunderman, BrandAsset Consulting, Zaaz, and Compete set out to learn about the shopping habits and brand preferences of search users. Google users tend towards Target and Amazon, while Bing users (despite apparently being "early adopters") are more likely to go to Walmart. Oddest of all, Yahoo! users showed a "strong preference" for Sprint and AT&T over Verizon or T-Mobile.

The study claims that your favorite search engine doesn't merely indicate a preference for JetBue or a tendency to buy Toyotas. The companies believe they were able to build complex psychological profiles of the various engines' average users. Google customers are "the average Internet Joe" -- conventional, yet open to trying new things. Yahoo! users, on the other hand, tend to be older, lack imagination, and feel like they can't control their future.

What search engine do you use?
Google7367 (75.6%)
Yahoo!624 (6.4%)
Bing420 (4.3%)
AOL765 (7.9%)
Ask164 (1.7%)
Other400 (4.1%)

According to the research, AOL customers are less intellectual, conformists, who "feel like they've gotten a raw deal out of life", and have overall low expectations -- which explains quite a bit about the character of many comments here at Switched.

Of course, it's a stretch to assume that so much information about a consumer could be gleaned based purely on what search engine they use. Descriptions from the report read less like a marketing study and more like notes from our last therapy session. Speaking of which, we promise we won't be late this week, Dr. Rubin. [From: AdAge]
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