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Nickelback Vs. a Pickle: Latest Facebook Meme Asks the Tough Questions

Because these are the kinds of things that curious minds ponder, we're sure you've spent many a wee hour asking yourself if Nickelback sucks and how they could've ever accrued over 1 million fans on Facebook. That's twice the size of Boston, for Scott Stapp's sake! Well, the citizens of Facebook have heard your cry of confusion, and they've devised a brand new meme to finally answer the question, once and for all -- random object by random object. Because doppelgangers are sooo last week, the newest trend to take over Facebook mini-feeds has users asking each other questions like: "Is nondescript, everyday household item 'x' more popular than inexplicably popular public figure 'y'?"

As Mashable reports, the latest victim is Justin Bieber, pop singer extraordinaire. According to a recently created fan page, Bieber is less popular than your average onion ring (although, considering how delicious onion rings are, that may not have been a very fair fight). The Bieber v. Onion Ring online tribunal page was created at the beginning of the month, and, before you start feeling sorry for the 16-year-old, you should know that he may stand to make some cash off of his popular unpopularity; several businesses have reportedly approached him about advertising on the platform.

Similar sites have already been set up to take aim at other polarizing pop culture figures, like Miley Cyrus, the Jonas Brothers, and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper (who, by the way, also lost to this apparently unbeatable onion ring). As for Nickelback? Well, they're still pretty far ahead of their dill pickle opponent. We'd like to see them take on someone their own size, though -- someone like the onion ring. [From: Mashable]

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