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'AcneApp' Claims to Incinerate Zits While You Talk, Teens Rejoice

For every iPhone app that actually serves a worthwhile purpose (even if that purpose is only to amuse the user), there are hundreds of useless offerings that are only meant to dupe unwitting shoppers. Technology has also given rise to an influx of "snakeoil" gadgets that weasel money out of gullible consumers with false promises.

Dr. Greg Pearson has devised an iPhone app that, upon first inspection, definitely appears to tap into both of those dubious sales practices. His new 'AcneApp', which costs $1.99, apparently prevents pimples and reverses aging by bombarding the user's face with red and blue light. The blue light supposedly kills bacteria and the red light apparently acts as an anti-inflammatory so that purchasers can "treat their acne while talking on the phone."

It may sound ridiculous, but if the app works (given the phone habits of pimply faced youngsters), this could be the most ingenious union of two seemingly unrelated products since the marriage of baseball caps and cup-holders. [From: The Huffington Post]
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