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Keg on Wheels: 'Heineken Bot' Rolls Around and Pours Beer for You

It's not too often that we get to write two of our favorite words -- beer and robot -- in the same sentence. So when suds and bots combine to form some unholy creation, it's a good day at the office. Enter the latest amalgamation, the brand-specific "Heineken Bot," which is basically a miniature keg on wheels. Think of it as a Roomba, but way cooler and more drunk. According to Engadget, there's a sensor mounted on top of the keg. When you wave your hand above it, the robot stops and waits to pour your drink. Just place a cup in the arm, and the bot will fill it to the brim with the frothy lager (video after the break).

The "Heineken Bot" recently appeared at London's Kinetica Art Fair. It's the work of some folks from Middlesex University. Of course, it took the college crowd to come up with this idea. If they could program the bot to be controlled via remote control, it'd be a huge seller in frat houses across America. Except, they might have to replace the Heineken keg with a Natty Light keg. [From: Engadget]
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