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AdBlitz Lets You Watch Super Bowl Commercials... on YouTube

For some of us, the Super Bowl is nothing more than a string of witty commercials interrupted by snippets of football. Now, though, you won't even have to tune in to the big game to watch the world famous ads, thanks to a new YouTube channel devoted solely to Super Bowl commercials. As Mashable reports, the site recently announced the launch of the new channel, which will allow users to rate the ads immediately after they air on TV. The spot that gets the highest user rating will even be featured on the YouTube homepage as of Feb. 19th. Given the millions of dollars that corporations dish out for 30 seconds of time on Super Bowl Sunday, it's kinda empowering to think that your individual opinion could directly effect the viral shelf-life of a particular spot. And in a game whose starring actor has about as much star power as an oak tree, we'll take any extra entertainment we can get. [From: YouTube; via: Mashable]

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