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'Repo Men' $10K Contest Will Have You Doing the 'Running Man'

In a constantly connected world, where our every embarrassing photo and unfortunate blunder can be quickly archived and disseminated throughout the Internet, the thought of cutting all our ties, disconnecting from the world and starting over is an enticing one.

Universal Studios seems to think so as well. To promote its new film 'Repo Men' (sadly not a follow up to cult-classic 'Repo Man') about futuristic organ re-possessors hunting down defaulting payments, Universal, Wired Magazine, and Loneshark Games are asking a few individuals to try and disappear for a month. The promotion is inspired by Evan Ratliff's Wired article about people who attempt to leave their old lives behind and vanish, and Mr. Ratliff's subsequent experiment in doing so himself.

Those chosen to participate will receive $2,500 and must attempt to remain hidden for a month. If they manage to evade those looking for them (it is unclear who exactly contestants will be running from, but we envision a group akin to 'The Running Man's' "Hunters"), they will receive $7,500.

We have to wonder if, once given a taste of absolute freedom, the participants might choose to never come back at all. [From Techland]

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