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Internet Nominated for 2010 Nobel Prize, Sorry Humans

If you thought people were upset last year when President Barack Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize, just wait and see what happens if one of this year's nominees wins. Yes, nominees include the requisite European human rights group and the obligatory Asian political activist. But, according to the Associated Press, the Internet has also made the short list of nominees. That's right, the inanimate object that's given the world such wonderful time wasters as porn and Flash games could win one of the planet's most distinguished prizes.

Who's behind this nod? The Nobel Committee is shrouded in secrecy, but when the nomination deadline ended yesterday, the Italian version of Wired magazine confirmed that it had proposed the Internet be considered. The campaign actually started back in November when the magazine revealed its Internet for Peace Manifesto. The argument is that the Internet has advanced "...dialogue, debate and consensus through communication." Apparently, the Internet is an even better diplomat than the President, "because democracy has always flourished where there is openness, acceptance, discussion and participation."

While the manifesto shouted the Web's praises, it didn't say who (or what) would accept the award if the Web were to win on December 10th. If we may be so bold, we suggest that a porn star, an LOL cat and Al Gore accept the award on behalf of all nerds. After all, they are the grand architects of the Internet. [From: Associated Press/Forbes and Wired]

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