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Celebrity Doppelganger Facebook Photos Could Violate Terms

If you've logged on to Facebook in the past week or so, you've probably noticed a string of new profile pictures on the News Feed. But these aren't your typical pictures. Instead, they're pictures of Scarlett Johansson, Ms. Piggy, and various brothers Jonas. Why would your friend insert a photo of a celebrity on her page? It's part of a new trend that recently surfaced on the social networking site called: Doppelganger Week.

But according to CNET News
, this phenomenon could violate the site's terms of service. Somewhere in all that small print you didn't bother to read while registering with the site, you agreed not to post any content that infringes on somebody's rights or breaks the law. Posting a celebrity photo (or any photo) that you didn't take would fall under this category. However, a spokeswoman for Facebook said the company hasn't received any requests for doppelganger images to be removed from the site. This means the craze will continue a while longer before it flames out.

So, from whence did the biggest trend on Facebook since posting your bra color come? The Huffington Post says an I.T. guy named Bob Patel came up with the idea after some co-workers said he looked like Tom Selleck.

If you want to find out who your celebrity doppelganger is, there's an application for that. Or, you could just ask a friend. Either way, be prepared for the answer; odds are you won't be a George Clooney. [From: CNET News and Huffington Post, via: All Facebook]

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