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The 'Lost' Enthusiast's Guide to Twitter... and Season Six

[Ed. Note: Minor spoiler alerts ahead. If one is saving season five, skip this post] 'Lost' is one of those television shows that often spawn more questions than they provide answers. What other secrets will the Island reveal? Why does Jack's dad keep showing up? How many times will Sawyer appear shirtless? With the final season premiering on February 2nd, we hope all our questions will be answered in the coming months.

But part of the reason we're so hooked on 'Lost' is the Internet fodder created by the characters' dark pasts and the Island's mysterious ways. Countless fan pages, sites, and forums allow folks to wax philosophic about the show. But if you want real-time, up-to-date information on Jack, Kate, and the rest of the gang, there are some excellent Twitter accounts to add to your feed. Here's a list of our five favorites, and as usual, we've assembled them here for you.

Dark UFO
This is one of the most comprehensive 'Lost' fan sites on the Web. On Dark UFO's Twitter feed, you'll find links to filming updates about the coming season, theories on characters ("Is Ben really Aaron's grandfather?"), and interviews with cast members. Some may argue it's a digital 'Lost' Bible.

Lostpedia keeps all spoilers off its Twitter account, which is the way we prefer it. Here is just a forum about interaction between fans. There's plenty of speculation about the show, and even some funny tweets about President Barack Obama's recent run-in with it.

This account gathers all the best 'Lost' stories from around the Web, and posts them for the Twitterverse to enjoy. There are links to live chats about the show, 'Lost' lists (from best quotes to unanswered questions), and any other 'Lost'-related news floating around the Web. Anything you'd want to know (well, except just what those numbers mean) is at your fingertips.

Damon Lindelof
Lindelof is co-creator of the hit TV show, and yes, he's as tight-lipped as they come. Here's a sampling of his bio: "Yeah, I'm one of the idiots behind LOST. And I have NO IDEA what the numbers mean." That sense of humor alone is enough reason to follow Lindelof. Plus, we get to see him trade barbs with Rainn Wilson about the smoke monster. What more could a TV fan want?

John Locke
Okay, so it's not necessarily essential, and "Locke" hasn't tweeted in a couple months. But, we couldn't resist putting our favorite character on this list, and we're holding out hope that he'll return from his Twitter sabbatical any day now. Is Locke really dead? Is he Jesus? We probably won't find any answers on this Twitter account, but you can't beat tweets comparing Ben Linus to Courtney Love, or Locke to Eminem. By the way, we really, really hope Locke isn't dead.

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