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Grad Uses Facebook Ads to Search for a Magazine Job

Journalism Grad Uses Facebook Ads to Find a JobWe've covered the various ways in which Facebook can cost you a job, either getting you fired or keeping a potential employer from hiring you in the first place. While it's clear that social networks can hurt your employment opportunities, one recent grad wondered if it could help.

Thomas Pardee, who graduated from Columbia College Chicago this December with a degree in journalism (one of the toughest fields to get hired in right now), took a rather odd piece of advice from 'One Day, One Job' blog -- advertise on Facebook. Pardee created a targeted ad, with his image and a message specifically tailored to Condé Nast employees:
"I belong at Condé Nast. No really, I do. I'm Thomas, and I'm not your average J-school graduate. Here's why I'd be a great addition to your magazine's team."

Clicking the link then leads to his LinkedIn page.

So far the ads haven't landed Pardee a job, but they've only been running for about a week. The ads have cost Pardee only $52 so far, and while we're skeptical that they'll land him a job at Condé Nast we're pretty sure the media attention will secure him a spot somewhere. [From: The Big Money]

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