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Woman Says Dell Remotely Accessed Her Webcam

If you're like us, the words "peeping Tom" summon images of a creepy guy staring through a bedroom window. But that's lo-tech voyeurism. These days, peepers are getting more hi-tech (and scary).

According to NBC DFW, a Texas woman claims that a Dell customer support agent remotely accessed her Web-cam, without her permission, while she sat in front of her laptop. Dianne Annunziato, who lives in a suburb of Dallas-Fort Worth, says she called the computer manufacturer's support line around 9:30 p.m. in late January to ask for help with her new computer. The technician asked Annunziato a few questions, including what time of day it was, before she noticed a small box on the screen with her image in it.

"He turned on the Web-cam; he never asked, 'May I? Can I?' Not a word, [he] just turned it on," she told NBC DFW. Annunziato asked for a supervisor when she realized what was happening. The person on the other end only laughed at her. Now, it appears, Dell representatives don't find the incident too funny. The company is investigating Annunziato's claims, which, if true, certainly point to a violation of company policy. A spokesperson told NBC that "appropriate action" will be taken against the tech support agent.

Let's hope a few seconds of grainy video featuring an angry, single mom were worth it. [From: NBC DFW, via: The Consumerist]

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