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Design Concepts: Soul-Soothing Tech

The Web is teeming with the unrealized ideas of both students and established designers who set out to produce astonishing renderings and prototypes for unusual products. Unfortunately, due to the lack of time, money, or technology, many of those products never move from the planning stages to the mass market. But that doesn't mean we can't salivate over their creations, nevertheless.

This week, we'll take a look at some innovative concepts that make bodies happy. As ubiquitous devices like iPhones get more and more complex, we feel our stress levels increase. Texts chime perpetually, emails flow at a ceaseless pace, and we're nearly hardwired to Facebook and Twitter. Shouldn't tech make life simpler, relax overwrought muscles, and calm taut minds? We want gadgets that have pleasing forms and help us to disconnect from the global network, even if only for a little while.

Sleep Suit by Forrest Jessee

Sometimes the urge to nap hits you, and there's no suitable place to do the deed. But if you have one of these architectural Sleep Suits, inspired by Buckminster Fuller's concept of Dymaxion sleeping, you're good to go. The Sleep Suit acts "as a transportable and adjustable cocoon that allows for constant air flow in a variety of different positions and environments," says designer Forrest Jessee on his site. By taking four 30-minute naps throughout the day (as opposed to the standard sleep cycle), average productivity will supposedly increase. We want a Sleep Suit for the Switched offices, just because we love desk napping.

Artime Watch by Design By 8

The Artime Watch by French studio Design By 8 helps to redefine the notion of an internal clock. Most bodies don't move in cycles that correspond to the intervals of world time, but the Artime Watch does. Small plates cover the face of the watch and pulse in sync with the user's body rhythm. The plates then retract to display the time in conjunction with the user's body. In effect, you're telling the watch what time it is, and not the other way around. Confused? Check out a video rendering here.

Medi Flower by Moon Sun-Hee

This simple new pharmaceutical package makes downing your medication a much more pleasant ritual. Pills are stored in Moon Sun-Hee's Medi Flower blister pack, which has a push-down tab so that you can prop up your pills wherever is most convenient. You won't forget to take your meds with this pretty posey staring you down. Plus, the geometric shapes may also reduce accidental double-dosing.

Green Shower by Rami Tareef

We have to admit that sometime we get pangs of eco-regret in the shower. All of that water waste only adds to the tab we're running to fuel our over-consuming lives. But Rami Tareef's Green Shower saves gallons by incorporating an LCD screen that lets you know when your water is at the optimal temperature. Plus, it even utilizes the electrical energy created by the water flow with a 24-volt DC generator. So, when you step out from under this sleek fixture, both your body and conscience will be sparkling.

Sleepbox by Arch Group

Let's say that, for some insane reason, you don't have your Sleep Suit with you when Morpheus comes calling (no, not Laurence Fishburne). For weary bodies on the go, the architects at Russian firm Arch Group have designed the Sleep Box, which can be rented for short blocks of sleepy time. (We can't help but note how similar these are to the capsule hotels of Japan.) Potentially located in airports, train stations, and shopping malls, the Sleep Boxes are large enough to accommodate a bed (with self-changing linens) as well as an LCD TV, and boast Wi-Fi, too. As a traveler, could you ask for more?

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