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eBay Changes Pricing Schemes for Auctions, Struggling to Regain Edge

eBay Changes Pricing Schemes for AuctionseBay has revealed a new pricing scheme for U.S. auctioneers that claims different listing fees from frequent and occasional sellers.

"eBay Every Day" does away with upfront listing fees (for auctions only, not Buy It Now), and instead charges 9-percent of the final sale price, up to $50. The plan is limited to those sellers who post 100 or fewer listings per month. However, power sellers will instead want to opt for the new 'eBay Stores' subscription plan, which, according to eBay, can save sellers who list 250 items a month as much as $80 on listing fees.

The reaction from users has been mixed. Those who only rarely sell items are particularly miffed, since the removal of listing fees is more than canceled out by the increase of sales fees from 8.75-percent to 9-percent. The new plans will go into effect on March 30th as eBay struggles to regain some of the thunder stolen by Craigslist and Amazon stores. [From: CNET]

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