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Spaced Out: Designing the Workspace for Every Desk Dweller

New year, new initiatives, new plans, and new spaces. We all set out to make resolutions in January, and many have to do with our work habits. Our stylist, Camille Altay, tackled this shoot with one mantra in mind: "An organized workspace is an organized mindspace." With a computer in its proper place, a mouse that suits your tasks, and the right sound system for your needs, a desktop can be optimized.

After hunting for many months, we think we've found the right organizational tools and accessories for every type of desk inhabitant, and have created ideal environments for each type of worker. Some of us need bits of paper and memos galore, while others guard our desk spaces like coveted real estate. So we found a mouse, PC, keyboard, speaker system, storage solution and USB set-up for six types of desks: the Chaotic Creative, the Sleek Minimalist, the Studious Student, the Eco-conscious Professional, the Media Maniac, and the Part-Time Gamer. Think of each as an idea board -- a gathering of gadgets from which you can pick and choose to create your own unique desk situation.

We'd like to give thanks to our team and support. Desks and chairs have been provided by Blu Dot.
Photography, Matthew Smith. Styling, Camille Altay and Eric Holmes. Set assistant, Matt Zuras. Produced and directed by Leila Brillson and Thomas Houston. Special acknowledgment to Nora Wolf and the Loukin Company.

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