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Rickets Resurgence in the U.K. Blamed on Video Games and the Internet

Rickets, a disease that practically disappeared from the developed world in the 19th century, is rising again, reports British scientists. The condition, a softening of bones that leads to painful deformities and fractures, is most commonly caused by severe vitamin D deficiency, which is essential for absorbing calcium. The primary natural source of vitamin D is sunlight (i.e., going outside), so it's not hard to see how our growing fascination with the Internet and video games may be partly responsible for the sudden surge in cases.

Medical experts in the U.K. are now pushing to add vitamin D to food products, such as milk. In generations past, children were often fed regular doses of cod liver oil (rich in vitamin D) to prevent the disease, but chances of convincing the MySpace generation to choke down a spoonful of that swill every day is next to nil.

Some countries, including the U.S., already add vitamin D supplements to some food products, but the real solution to the problem is simple: put down the Xbox controller and get some fresh air. [From: Telegraph]

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