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Augmented Reality 'Paper Rock Scissors' Takes Classic Game Virtual

Think of 2009 as the year all this augmented reality business really hit its stride. There are the Adidas sneaks that let wearers wander around a virtual world, the 'District 9' military training sim, and even that John Mayer music video that let people make cameos.

This time, the latest AR effort comes from the Swedish mag T-post. On its site you can play a form of rock paper scissors all by your lonesome -- provided you don a special T-shirt (our preferred method), or print out the necessary PDF onto a piece of paper. Once everything is set up, users will see an animated hand extending from the center of the T-shirt, or piece of paper -- as shown in the demo video below. We're not too keen on the idea of Long-Hair Bjorgson playing the game on the toilet, but hey, the other "player" can't complain, right? [From: ubergizmo]

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