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Look Like the Lady With DIY Digital Gaga Glasses

Okay, we've tried to deny it in the past, but we'll sing it from the rooftops today: we are obsessed with Lady Gaga. And, clearly, we're not the only ones. Her art-meets-tech-meets-pop-meets-fashion aesthetic is so intriguing that one fan even put together a tutorial for making DIY digital specs like the ones worn by the Lady on a recent tour. Check out a video of the glasses after the break.

All you need is some fabulously giant frames and a couple of digital photo keychains, and you'll be fending off the paparazzi in no time (we jest). Just add spiky parasol-shaped hair and some Spring/Summer 2010 McQueen to the mix. A Damien Hirst-painted piano couldn't hurt, either. [From: Instructables, via: Engadget]

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