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Music Is the Future: 22 of the Greatest High-Tech Vids, From Air to TLC

Musicians imagine themselves vanguards, leaders of the path forward. Their music can light the way into the future, bringing revelations that will allow humankind to be elevated to the next level of evolution. Either that, or they just like wearing spacesuits and silver eyeliner. Whichever it may be (and it is often a bit of both), the world of tomorrow is frequently explored in music videos, whether by The Police or TLC.

In Switched's ongoing exploration of the way technology and music collide, we've investigated the most futuristic videos made by modern musicians, rounding up some of the most (bizarrely) fun, cutting-edge music vids of all time. Firstly, each video we picked had to be set in a future time -- not just have a 'futuristic' feel. Also, we once again opted out of space videos. (We'll save the cosmos for another round-up.)

Here is what we've learned (and please feel free to confirm or deny these assumptions via Twitter or in comments): The late '90s and early '00s loved to imagine the future. Furthermore, while modernistic electronic music made an appearance, it was pop divas and rappers who time-traveled the most. And any subject matter can be fodder for a future-y video. (Just ask Shania Twain.) Lastly, and most importantly, when trying to convey the future -- always use silver eye makeup.

To discuss your own favorite future videos, find us @Switched on Twitter, and share the word with hashtag #FUTUREvids. And remember, as the now irrelevant Backstreet Boys have proven, the future is bound to change.

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