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Chavez Derides 'Poison' PlayStation, France Urges Citizens to Avoid Internet Explorer

Highlights from this morning's other big tech headlines....
  • Under leader Hugo Chavez, Venezuela hasn't exactly developed a stellar reputation for promoting and protecting human rights. Despite that lack of concern for Venezuelans' civil liberties, Chavez is seeking to protect his nation's children from an apparent capitalist tool of the devil: the video game. Chavez (who has banned the sale of certain violent games) recently called Sony's PlayStation "poison" for children, and (proving that he is completely insane and out of touch) claimed that Nintendo promotes violence. Damn you, Mario!!! [From: Yahoo! News]
  • Citing security concerns, Germany advised its citizens yesterday to forego all versions of Internet Explorer in lieu of other, supposedly safer, Web browsers. France is reportedly following Germany's lead and jumping on that anti-Microsoft bandwagon, as well. The French government has suggested that people avoid Internet Explorer versions 6, 7 and 8, and that they use other browser options instead. [From: Mashable]
  • The standoff between Google and China continues to intensify. The confrontation, which has involved censorship concerns and hacking accusations, has finally forced Google to enact extreme measures against the nation. The company has indefinitely postponed its Chinese release of the Nexus One Google phone. [From: Business Insider]
  • Acer founder Stan Shih is talking some serious smack about the U.S. PC industry. The now-retired Shih asserted that U.S. computer manufacturers will ultimately fail because of high costs and an inability to offer affordable options. Yeah, because Apple is obviously floundering with its relatively expensive items. [From: Engadget]
  • Change Wave Data has released its survey on mobile phone usage, and the study has determined that Android OS devices now represent 4-percent of the smartphone marketplace. That number may not seem particularly impressive, but it's a huge 200-percent increase from the previous September survey. [From: Read Write Web]
  • The Chinese hack assault against Google is developing into a thrilling, intricate, and suspenseful tale of international espionage. Reports are indicating that there might have actually been an inside geek at the Google China offices who may have played a role in the attack. [From: Mashable]
  • Consumers have downloaded over 1 billion apps from the Apple App Store. That astronomical number represents a complete domination of the app marketplace, as Apple is reportedly responsible for 99.4-percent of all apps sold during 2009. The BlackBerry App World may need to consider rebranding itself as the BlackBerry App Stand. [From: Ars Technica]

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