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AT&T Network Flaw Swaps Strangers' Facebook Accounts

AT&T Network Flaw Swaps Facebook AccountsEver wonder what it'd be like to look like someone else; to exist as another person and mingle among their friends invisibly? A number of AT&T mobile users have had that experience lately -- at least virtually, with the network inexplicably redirecting users into other peoples' Facebook accounts.

Curiously AT&T's network was swapping cookies around, so that if two people signed on to Facebook at nearly the same time they'd wind up getting their log-in information misplaced. This lead to some confusing times for users and, more importantly, some grave security concerns. For its part, AT&T says that this occurred in "a limited number of instances" and that the problem is being fixed. Exactly how limited the problem is, though, and how soon it will be fixed remains to be seen.

There is some good news: this transference of identities was only temporary, meaning after logging out and back in again the affected folks were restored to their previous, comfortable identities. [From:]

Update: According to CNET, AT&T has fixed the issue. Spokesman Michael Coe said, in a statement, "In a limited number of instances, a server software connectivity error resulted in some AT&T wireless customers being logged in to the wrong Facebook account when they accessed Facebook through their mobile phones."

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