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'The IT Guy You Wish You Had' Indeed the IT Guy We Wish We Had

If you've ever been the office IT guy or gal, you know how frustrating the job can be. But reading posts on "The IT guy you wish you had" blog might provide the relief you need to keep your sanity. It's a brand new blog, and we're not sure if these posts are real. But there's no arguing they're funny, especially if you've ever struggled with co-workers who refuse to follow office technology rules.

Brian the IT guy works at a school with 100 staff and 1100 students, managing a heaping 500 computers. His day is spent sending e-mails pleading for employees to prolong the life of projectors (hint: water gun fights aren't a good idea). Or, wrestling anxiety when he discovers a mysterious HP 6500 All in One machine in his office ("I am oppressed by the presence of technology I did not personally acquire"). Even better, Brian (hilariously) lays down the law when explaining that the fax machine reserved for the student services secretary is ONLY for her (unless more than one person named Mary that cooks the best collard greens in the state works there).

Truly, we don't know how the staff keeps a straight face after reading these e-mails or how Brian keeps from bashing every piece of electronic equipment at his workspace. And if this all turns out to be a hilarious hoax (which it might be), we still don't care. His cheery good nature is workplace appropriate, and his sense of humor is certainly workplace appreciated. [From: The IT guy you wish you had]

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