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Internet Explorer Weak Link in Google Attack, Web Speeds Up Except in the U.S.

Highlights from this morning's other big tech headlines....
  • The tenuous relationship between Google and the Chinese government intensified this week, as Chinese officials may have been responsible for hacking into the site in search of information on Chinese human rights activists. Today, Microsoft announced that its Internet Explorer could actually have been somewhat at fault for the attack, because hackers may have taken advantage of a "vulnerability in the browser." [From: BBC News]
  • Akamai released its 'State of the Internet' report this week, and the announcement revealed that Internet connection speeds are almost universally increasing around the world. The White House needs to get to work on that national broadband plan, though, because the already slow speeds in the U.S. don't seem to be getting any faster. [From: CNET]
  • As part of its 'Ratings Are Not a Game' initiative, Activision recently sponsored a survey of parents about video game ratings. According to the study, 82-percent of the parents of gamers are familiar with ESRB video game ratings. The study also determined that 83-percent of parents under the age of 35 (that have kids who play games) actually consider themselves gamers, as well. Ha! The geekification of the United States is almost complete. [From: DMW Media]
  • The year-end 'Best of' lists period has passed, so it's time to look ahead and predict what may top next year's rankings. EFF has compiled the '12 Trends to Watch in 2010,' and the list includes the global battle over Internet censorship, DVR restrictions, and the future of social networking privacy. [From: EFF]
  • The next decade may host a significant decline in back and shoulder injuries for women. According to a Debenhams study, the weight of women's purses and handbags has plummeted over the last two years, a phenomenon attributed to the decreasing size and weight of gadgets and phones. [From: Daily Mail]
  • Google's Nexus One phone has been initially met by somewhat neutral reviews, complaints over fees, and incredibly lackluster sales, but the handset has earned at least one significant and prominent fan. Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak indirectly admitted that, despite the feud between Apple and Google, he has not only purchased a Nexus One, but that it has actually become his favorite gadget. [From: NBC Bay Area]

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