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Fastest Texters Crowned at First LG Mobile World Cup

Now that most of us text at a decent rate (phone permitting, natch), it was inevitable that someone would go and make a competition out of it.

Yesterday, LG did just that with the first ever Mobile World Cup Championship in New York City (video after the jump). The culmination of an eight-month competition started back in May 2009, first-prize winners Young-Ho Bae and Mok-Min Ha of Korea, walked away with a cool $100,000, while runners-up Morgan Dynda and Kate Moore, from the U.S., got $20,000. The four beat out 22 other participants, divided into teams of two, from 11 other countries including Canada, Russia, South Africa, Mexico, Spain, and Australia, after playing through five games that tested their texting skills in their native languages. The key to winning of course, was consistently texting the fastest with no abbreviations or typos.

In a separate contest, Pedro Matias from Portugal entered the Guinness World Records for fastest text ever. The 27-year-old contestant managed a typo and abbreviation-free 264-character text in 1 minute, 59 seconds, besting the previous record set by Finland's Arttu Harkki in 2005 by a whopping 23 seconds. Next time you see kids thumbing at lightning speeds, just remember, practice makes perfect. [From: PRNewsWire, via: Engadget]

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