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Nexus One Greeted With Buyer 'Meh,' 'Sesame Street' Coming to Consoles

Highlights from this morning's other big tech headlines....
  • The Nexus One Google phone inspired a significant amount of speculation with both the media and with consumers, but that hubbub hasn't exactly translated into sales success. Despite the buildup, the phone is apparently languishing, as a paltry 20,000 units were sold during its first week. The iPhone 3GS sold 1.6 million models. [From: Business Insider]
  • The Lego video game series has cemented itself as one of the most popular gaming genres, particularly among kids. Another ubiquitous franchise, and one of the most successful educational shows of all time, should provide some competition in that kids-game marketplace. After a lengthy hiatus, 'Sesame Street' will apparently, and finally, be making a return to home consoles later this year. [From: Huffington Post]
  • France has become a significant roadblock in Google's creation of an online digital library. The nation has announced that it will be going ahead with its own plans to digitize French national literature, but, despite underhanded barbs, it has not totally ruled out forging an alliance of some sort with Google. [From: CNET]
  • Google's Gmail service is already massively popular, and now the free e-mail provider is about to implement a new feature that will allow for unrivaled e-mail security. The company is adding default HTTPS encryption, a significant and exclusive security feature. [From: EFF]
  • Yesterday, hackers crippled Baidu, the Chinese equivalent of Google, for over four hours. In a fairly ironic twist, the Chinese government may have actually hacked into Google as well -- an attack the search engine says was orchestrated in order to glean information from the accounts of Chinese human rights activists. [From: Business Insider]
  • Details and rumors about the Apple iSlate are rapidly being revealed. According to the latest round of conjecture, the ambiguous gadget will be an "iPhone on steroids." [From: Huffington Post]
  • Apple recently claimed that its App Store was rapidly approaching the 1 billion-served milestone. That number may not be an accurate representation, though, as the store isn't exactly immune to online shoplifting. App piracy has reportedly cost the company over $450 million. [From: 24/7 Wall St.]

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