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What Do Google's Search Suggestions Say About Men and Women?

Is there anything that Google doesn't know about us? As if who we e-mail, what we watch, and where we'll be wasn't enough, the search giant also knows (or can at least predict) what we want out of our significant other. Dan Ariely, a professor at Duke University, posted the results of his search-engine experiment yesterday on his Web site, Predictably Irrational.

Ariely, who studies behavioral economics, wanted to find out what concerns men and women have about one another. So he turned to Google. As you know, a drop-down menu of suggested searches appears when you begin typing words into the search box. These suggestions are based on data collected from what people commonly search on the site. Ariely posed these two half-questions: "how can i get my boyfriend to" and "how can i get my girlfriend to." Then, he let Google do its work.

The resulting suggestions read like they're right out of a cliche-riddled romantic comedy. "How can I get my boyfriend to 'propose'," "'spend more time with me'," and "'love me again'" rounded out the top three. Others included: "how can i get my girlfriend to "sleep with me" and "lose weight."

Although the results mostly reinforce worn-out stereotypes (i.e., men only want sex, women only want love), we have to give Ariely credit for finding a unique way to use Google as a research tool. What else could the search engine tell us about each other? Attempt to find out at your own risk... [From: Predictably Irrational]

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