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Spinning Scosche: The Sole Display of Automotive Audio Excess

The Sole Display of Automotive Audio Excess at CES 2010

While much of the consumer electronics industry seems to finally be recovering a bit (evidenced by the fact we didn't see the depressing preponderance of empty booths we did last year), the same can't be said for the in-car audio crowd. Gone were the multiple in-car TVs and stereo systems gobbling up power by the tens-of-thousands of watts. Instead, the floor was loaded with powerful but understated sound systems that seemed far more practical than those of past CESes.

We did stumble across one display of automotive audio opulence however. Check out the video below of the display that Scosche put together to show off its EFX line of speakers. That's right, they're cubes, they're glowing, and they're spinning; we're sold! And it doesn't hurt that they chose to blast "Flash Light."

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