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BBC Reporter Smashes 'Unbreakable' Cell Phone During CES 2010

If you're going to market a cell phone as "unbreakable," you better make darn sure that it is, in fact, unbreakable. Otherwise, it's like painting a bull's-eye on your back and walking around town telling folks you're Superman.

During a CES 2010 demonstration, BBC News reporter Dan Simmons called one manufacturer's bluff, and felled its supposed cell of steel. In this hilarious outtake, Sonim CEO Bob Plaschke tells Simmons that he could drop the Sonim XP1 from a 10-story building, leave it under 20 feet of water for 30 minutes, and even hammer a nail with it. "If you find a way to break it, we're going to give you a free phone," Plaschke tells the reporter.

Simmons proceeds to dunk the phone into an aquarium, pulls it out of the water, and the phone's still ringing. Since that didn't kill it, Simmons goes one step further. He smashes the phone, screen first, into the sharp corner of the fish tank. As you might expect, the screen shatters, and Sonim's ridiculous marketing slogan along with it. [From: BBC News]

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