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Verizon Gets Palm Pixi Plus and Pre Plus

Yesterday in Vegas, Palm CEO Jon Rubenstein debuted the new Pre Plus and Pixi Plus, coming to Verizon, at Palm's CES keynote. Earlier this week, AT&T announced it would be getting two webOS devices (still no confirmation on which devices). Sprint no longer being the sole Palm webOS purveyor, Verizon will make both phones available on January 25th. No word on pricing, but head after the break for more info on the new models, webOS update, and more.

New Models

Palm Pre Plus

In terms of design, the Pre Plus is almost the same as its predecessor. The navigation button below the touchscreen is gone, there are a few coloring differences, and, of course, the Sprint logo is gone with Verizon's in its place. The Pre Plus gets double the internal memory, bringing the total to 16 gigabytes.

Palm Pixi Plus

Similarly, the Pixi Plus isn't straying much from its older Sprint brethren. Palm finally answered one glaring problem that plagued the Pixi by adding Wi-Fi to the device.

webOS: Video, Gaming, and Apps

As for users, the big news is a new webOS update. First up, video recording will come to all devices (including Sprint webOS phones), as will Flash playback. EA, Gameloft, and other developers are bringing some serious 3-D gaming to the phones with titles like 'Need for Speed,' 'X-Plane,' and 'Sims 3.' One of the coolest apps shown was a Mobile Hotspot app, which lets you set up your phone as a wireless, 3G-connected router.

The youngest of modern smartphone operating systems (e.g., iPhone and Android), Palm's webOS has a smaller group of developers and, understandably, apps. As part of a push to grow the app base, Palm is also now opening the webOS App Catalog to third parties. Tied with the potential hordes of new Verizon Palm users, this is promising news for the App Catalog.

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