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Diddy Launches His Own Headphones With Dr. Dre and Monster

If a mid-sized company with a semi-niche product is looking for a celebrity endorsement, take a page from Monster's book: go big or don't even bother. The audio company collaborated with Dr. Dre for Beats by Dre, gunning for those high-end hip-hop types that want some substance with their style, and then with Lady Gaga for her girlie, technophile Heartbeats. But yesterday, in the penthouse of the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas, and alongside the Dr. and Jimmy Iovine (of Interscope Records), Monster added another superstar to the Beats roster (and thus bridged the East and West Coast divide): Sean "Diddy" Combs.

Monster founder Noel Lee explained that the company set out to combine fashion with sound, and, given Diddy's experience with Sean John clothing, he was a perfect candidate. The phones themselves, while we didn't grab a hands-on, are 'luxe buds with high-polish enamel, leather casing, and flat cords -- all housed in a Sean John-like travel case. At $180 a pop, they certainly aren't for everyone, but if they maintain the same quality as Dre's addition, they may be a worthy investment.

If Monster keeps going at this pace, soon every major music mogul will have their own Beats line -- which, to be honest, is pretty okay with us.

Monster at CES

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