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Blow-Up Lamps and Translucent Laptops From Pega Design

Chinese tech firm Pega Design, an offshoot of Asus, has developed two new incredibly innovative products over which we can't stop drooling. First up is the Pumplight, a small desk lamp with a bladder, reminiscent of a blood pressure pump, that acts to turn the light on and off. The lamp's "shade" is actually a sort of balloon that expands and brightens as it's pumped full. To turn it off, just open the valve on the pump. Genius.

Our other dream machine from Pega is the new translucent Hyaline laptop, oozing futuristic cool. (Between seeing this and the Light Touch at CES, we're pretty sure we're living in 'Minority Report.') The laptop has the ability to detect wireless networks even while it's off, and boasts a touch-interface media player along the top of the keyboard. Just be careful of what you're surfing on the Hyaline. We imagine that anyone on the other side could catch a glimpse of your NSFW sites, as well. [From: Designboom]

Pega Design

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